Official News

This page is updated periodically with official announcements from the Shelter Cove board of directors. Owners and residents should refer to this page for official information rather than relying upon unofficial social media pages.

3/29/19 - Laundry is back up and available for use.

4/29/19 - There will be a board meeting Thursday, May 2 at 6:00 p.m.

5/8/19 - At the Board meeting the board voted and passed to replace both heaters with reverse cycle which will heat when cool and cool with the  pool gets too hot.

5/22/19 - The board reports the following: the pool is full and will be open for service soon. Mailboxes have been painted and work is complete. The water boil notice has been rescinded. The board has voted and passed to upgrade the surveillance cameras system.

6/16/19 - In regards to the pool, at this stage we are waiting for inspections from the county and the health department. We have no control over when they will do those inspections. Camera update has been completed. Mailboxes have been painted. Sod has been placed around the laundry. New urinal has been installed in men's bathroom clubhouse.

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